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Please   allow   me   the   opportunity   to   introduce   Northern   Air   Corp.   to   your   company. Northern Air Corp.   i s   a   thirty-six   year   old   Massachusetts   manufacturer   addressing   Indoor   Air   Quality   concerns   throughout   the   industry. We assist in providing solutions for meeting the tough governmental guidelines set   for   indoor   airborne   contaminants   that provide health and safety in   the   workplace. In addition we will advise on measures of energy conservation (heating/cooling/filters) which is an integral part of meeting OSHA and EPA standards for a safe and healthy work environment.
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Since 1981
Northern Air Corp.
Pollution Fighter Industrial Air Cleaners & Accessories are Products of Northern Air Corp.
Basic Concept
Pollution Fighter   
Pollution Fighter
Pollution Fighter
Pollution Fighter
Pollution Fighter
Introduction to Northern Air Corp.
Bill Lovenbury Northern Air Corp. 450 Richmond Street Raynham, MA  02767 1-800-772-4394