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Basic Concept
Pollution Fighter AR-6000
Pollution Fighter
Pollution Fighter
Pollution Fighter
Pollution Fighter
making clean air easy!
Since 1981
Northern Air Corp.
Pollution Fighter Industrial Air Cleaners & Accessories are Products of Northern Air Corp.
T he flow of recycled air from the Pollution Fighter self-contained  air cleaner can be directed to enhance contaminant drift toward the air cleaner inlets.  Although variations are possible, the basic concept is to establish a closed loop recirculation airflow above the plant floor and machinery.  Each unit's effectiveness depends on the airflow pattern used in a total system.  Air discharged from each unit is directed to entrain rising contaminants and blow them toward the capture zone of the inlet of the next unit.  (Moving air at such velocity creates a negative air pressure above the working area which forces contaminated air from below to move up into the contaminant capture zone.)  The exhaust of each unit must feed the inlet of the next because the zone of effective suction at any inlet is less than one thirtieth as large as the throw distance for blown air.
Collects Airborne Contaminants Out Of the Air
Rolls Them Up For Easy Disposal Returning Clean Air
To Entire Area without Exhausting, Heated or Cooled Air.
Similarly, such engineered contaminant capture airflow patterns are likely to be much more effective in conveying plant pollutants to the air cleaners than is any sort of "free drift" to return air intakes. For this reason the installation of multiple self-contained air cleaners will often yield superior air cleaning results (and, therefore, make possible increased savings through greater reduction of exhaust and makeup air volumes) than can be achieved with the larger size central system collectors which are commonly located in the return air ducts of plant heating/cooling units. Either "suction" (at source-capture intakes) or "blowing" of mist, smoke, fumes and dust toward the air cleaning units (in unducted airflow patterns) can be utilized to achieve this "multiplier bonus" through enhanced plant ventilation.