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Pollution Fighter AR-6000
making clean air easy!
Since 1981
Northern Air Corp.
Pollution Fighter Industrial Air Cleaners & Accessories are Products of Northern Air Corp.
APPLICATIONS: Auto Body Shops, Welders, Wood Workers, Machine Shops, Boat Builders, Plasma Cutting and wherever clean air is needed!
No more oil mist, smog or fumes. No more oil mist, smog or fumes In the aircraft industry, the demand for high-tech materials and precision never ends.     Heavy oil mist, smog, fumes and slippery floors. GONE Bondo dust, paint overspray and dust Controlling composite dust and fumes Controlling heavy fiberglass dust and fumes CNC Machining, welding smoke, grinding dust and fumes Welding fumes, smoke and dust
Pollution Fighter Clean Air Systems are necessary to control ambient air, capturing large amounts of airborne contaminants such as lint, dust, smoke, oil mist, smog, vapors and fumes.  In most instances, you may be required by State or Federal Indoor Air Quality standards. The type of filters selected depends on the type of contaminants to be removed, its’ concentration in the air, the amount of contaminants that must be removed, and other factors. The Pollution Fighter Automatic Roll Filter Systems are the most effective type of self-contained air cleaning systems with the largest intake (40” X 40”) with the least amount of maintenance found in the industry.  Local air pollution regulations dictate the type of air filters required.